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My propecia experience


hey guys, I would like to share my experience with propecia with you guys for whatever it is worth:

I had been taking propecia on and off in the past 6 years. However I never was patient enough to consistently stay on propecia for more than a couple of months because I never seemed to notice any difference, let alone any improvement.

However I got on propecia in the beginning of this year and have been using it rather consistently for the past 11 months. To my surprise I really have to say, that it has made quite a big difference in my daily hair loss. I used to lose dozens of hairs everytime I took a shower (since I use styling gel which glues the hair together so that they would fall out whenever I washed them). After having been on propecia for over a year now, I really have to say that it has had a great impact on the amount of hair that I lose every day. I literally lose maybe 10 hairs or so in the shower.

Of course this is mere anecdotal “proof” but I feel obliged to emphasize to people (particularly youngsters suffering from hair loss) that propecia does indeed work and that I think sides are largely placebo and exaggerated. I really urge anyone trying propecia to be consistent about it and give it a year before passing judgment on efficacy.

I wish I had used propecia more consistently from the beginning. I hope someone will learn from my mistakes.