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My personal hero: IronMan (for good reasons)

Its not the fact that he documented Gaz´s case. Its not the fact that he shares his case in full detail.

To me its the simple fact that IronMan is one of the rare “Before FUT” patients who learned from his mistakes and is very open about it. It takes guts to admit that you have done terrible mistakes in the past. Most of the FUT patients here or repair patients in general, consider body hair or stupid FUT/FUE solutions and this is ground shaking wrong.

You dont have to agree with everything IronMan says but you have to give him a chin up for doing something to erase his past mistakes.

There is this case of marco who had terrible necrosis, the thread was of course locked. The clinic ignored him till this day. I advise him to visit Gho immediately. I advise this for the reason because otherwise he can never be fixed for good, NEVER. Gho is his last hope (he is specialised on scar tissue just as an reminder)

My second fact for choosing IronMan is also simple, he singlehandedly shut up people like topcat, who always repeats the same question and plays mister big shot (thankfully its more people nowadays who cant stand his attitude etc). His phrase “how many procedures did you have? If you dont have one go away” has become the laughing matter of educated people. Because you dont need to have had a procedure done on yourself to see that 500 Body hairs each year and the promoting of a pro bono leech is downright ridiculous. If topcats next session update is not a Gho update i consider this guy officially braindead and i think the majority is on par with me on this

I really like that FUT patients right now are becoming the sad minority and nobody actually cares what they have to say or when they share their results.

Funny thing is Iron Man had you pegged as a massive psycho from the start :smiley:

» Funny thing is Iron Man had you pegged as a massive psycho from the start
» :smiley:

Dont care cal, hairman2. ironman is the only one who learned from past mistakes it doesnt change the facts

[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by ObamamanIsStevieDee[/postedby]
[/quote] Why do you think Obamaman is Steve Dee?

I think it’s been years since Steve Dee was a forum member?

hahha lol:-D :smiley: :smiley:

Personally, I can’t stand IronMan

My personal hero is Top Cat :smiley:

It is funny that I read here that Gho is the way to go.
I am from Holland and frankly on the haarweb forum there is almost no good our outstanding results from Gho clinic.
And I find it hard to believe that after so many years in the field the Gho clinic is unable to show anything extraordanary like a 10000 graft result or someting like that.

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