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My personal experience with this clinic: "Fueturkey" in Istanbul

Hi everyone:

I recently had FUE transplant in Turkey (1.500 grafts, to my hairline), with Fueturkey (Beyhan Özkesen, formerly Beyhan Kovulmaz)
This lady does not perform herself the procedure but she’s a true expert, and funded 10 years ago the “Hairline Clinic” in Ankara, Turkey. It seems she leads now another good FUE team in Istambul.
I’ll post about my whole process to help decide potential future users of this clinic. So far my impresion about them all is very positive, and their prices were reasonable. Otherwise I could not have had this transplant done.
By the way: I have huge personal experience in scalp expansion&reduction procedures. I can tell you what works and what does not (over 5 procedures! most of them to fix the first surgeon’s terrible approach.) Just ask.

Hi, i hope you are well, i need your help about your hair transplantation because i am thinking to have a hair transplant by the same clinic so pls contact me as soon as possibe, i appreciate your help very much see you soon.

Do you have later photoes ? Did it improve ? Did you ask the clinic as to reasons ?

No, im waiting him to respond my message and also im wondering his results very much…

I’m around here. What do you want to know?

Thank God, how does your hair transplant proceed? Could you pls share the actuel photos, i should decide where im gonna have a transplant and Dr Beyhan is in my schedule, pls help me as soon as possible, i need all the information that you will give, thanks in advence for all your support.

Where are you from? Are you traveling from abroad or are a national from Turkey?

i am from Turkey, will you help me pls? if you want to share your actual pictures or notify me in private, you can use "hope33-33@hotmail.com"

I’m afraid I am still under negotiations with Beyhan in order to fix some transplanted areas. In this way I can not give my case for closed yet. They (Beyhan) took responsibility for the suboptimal result, and promised to revise my transplant and fix it, but right now (just one year after my transplant) I am extremely busy, and can not just jump in a plane to go to Istanbul at will.
But I expect to do so very soon.
Good luck with your own transplant.

Thanks for your reply then i should choose another clinic, i can’t put myself in risk, i hope she can do your fixing transplant properly and make you happy, good luck my friend…

For anyone interested and who may step into this particular review: I have already booked my flight to Istanbul on the 15Th of the current month. Fueturkey clinic has been very responsive to my concerns at all times, and they are going to carefully revise my transplant.
While my present results after 14 months are not the expected ones (I have many new pictures available after my last posted, in order to clearly document this statement) I guess is fair to give Beyhan and her people the chance to evaluate things, and to achieve a final satisfying result for all parts.
Since what matters in the end is the definitive outcome, there are no further comments to be made at this stage, but I will highlight the fact they were very receptive to my suggestion of using also body hair to treat and fix some transplanted areas, areas on which this kind of hair may perfectly blend with the surrounding one (for example: in lower temples/sideburns). In this way I can keep my nape donor area from being harvested of those valuable extra grafts. Also: they will cover my hotel staying along the revision.
Credit where credit’s due.

I’m looking forward with great expectation to my second trip to Turkey.

Good luck to everyone seeking hair restoration.

Could you pls share your last photos? Thanks for your detailed explanations.I wish you good luck regarding with your next hair transplant :slight_smile:

Hello all,

This is Murat from Cevre Hospital Istanbul.

Please feel free to contact me for more information about hair transplant procedure.


Murat Serbetci
International Patient Relations
Phone: +90212 274 69 25 / 162
Mobile: +90553 418 05 97
Whatsapp: +90553 418 05 97
Viber: +90553 418 05 97
Skype: murat.cevre
Fax: +90212 275 9426
Email: m.serbetci@cevrehastanesi.com.tr
Address: Cemal Sahir Sk No:2 Sisli İstanbul TURKEY 34347

Hi there Murat: I wonder why the heck are you using my post to advertise your own clinic (rhetorical question, of course). We are not related in any way, and I will see to contact the webmaster to remove your post asap (if possible).
I will post myself along this weekend updated pictures from my transplant with FUETURKEY (Istanbul).
As an advance: my revision was a great success, and the current results are absolutely up to my expectations, and I must say that I am quite exigent.
Stay tuned.

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