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My HT experience with Dr Huseyin Guner


Hi to everyone. I am 32 years old guy who has been dealing with this problem for about 5 years. My father has the same baldness pattern. I want to show my situation and share my experience so maybe it can help others in this process. I had my first HT in July of this year. The reason why I took the decisition to do the surgery in this clinic first of all is because of the price, for a good clinic you have to pay in euros and to buy them is expensive because of the turkish lira is going down and the other reason is because i wanted a manual procedure and also that only one person performed the surgery.In past I tryed to solve the problem with prp and mesotherapy but it didnt make any effect for that reason I wanted to give a chance to this operation. For now I am happy with this improvement and I am waiting until the year. I am already posting on the internet in other forums so if someone wants to visit is great- From now on i will post all my pictures until I finish the process. Important to say that I started taking the medicine propecia after 10 days of the surgery. (Sorry for my english but it is not my first language).








this is my operation report


Did you have hair transplant done before? I see scars on the back of your head?


I don’t get it, good clinics take Euros only and the not so good clinics take Lira? Why is that


Hi my friend, no I didnot have any surgery before, those marks in my head are because my skin is wrinkled and hard in that area ( ı thınk u are askıng about the big vertical lines ) :slight_smile:


Hi Lucky, maybe I couldnot explain myself very well, I wanted to say that the clinics that offer guarantees mostly have a fee in euros, it doesnt matter if you are turkish or foreigner, so for that reason my budget was a little limited but I prefered to pay a bit extra and not to have to repeat the surgery or maybe have scars or something bad on my head :slight_smile:


@Srkn07 your English is better than most people who post here haha. What country are you from? If cost is the deciding factor for you, why Turkey and not India? I think it is even more affordable in India.

Thanks for sharing btw.


@Lucky thank you my friend. I am from Turkey and I live in Istanbul but must travel frequently because of my job, I checked and in Europe for example one graft can cost even 5 euros :confused: and with the clinic i did it was cheaper and also the advantage is that we speak the same language so I can explain myself better. :slight_smile: I did not know that in India they do this surgery also.


Hello my friends. Today it is my 5th month so I took pictures with as much light as possible to give a real perspective of my current situation.