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My hair transplant experience with Vera Clinic

Let me start this review by saying, proceeding with my hair transplant with Vera clinic was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. I’d be lying if I say I wasn’t scared or sceptical about the whole thing at different points or even during the procedure.

The pros are: They definitely ensure you have a comfortable stay while in the country as you will be in a 5 star hotel and they will chauffeur you from the hotel to the clinic etc. The staff are quite warm and welcoming mostly. The surgery itself only hurts for the first 5 mins when they are administering anaesthetic (it really hurts as they are injecting all over your scalp) but once this is over you will feel nothing but pressure. They do also stay responsive via WhatsApp etc. If you have any follow up questions. The clinic is also very clean and not too far from the hotel you will likely be staying in.

The cons are: after the surgery I was put in a room to speak with a woman who is there to tell you all the medicine you “have to buy”. She is quite insistent and this cost is not mentioned to you at all before the surgery or during prior conversation leading up to the surgery. I did find this quite poor and dishonest from them, particularly as the medicine you are encouraged to buy is very expensive (at least £500 extra). The other con is, although this might be specific to me but after surgery I experienced a problem with a dry itchy head for about 6 weeks which caused me to bleed etc. Nobody told me about this and I don’t know if it was normal. I think the instruction to shampoo your head very regularly (11 days in a row I believe) led to this and it was most definitely a problem. Luckily I came out of the other side of this with very good results anyway! If you are prone to eczema or dry skin conditions, be mindful this can happen.

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