My hair transplant at HDC Hair Clinic

Good morning.

My name is Sotiris, and I am a nurse and hair transplant technician at HDC Hair Transplant Clinic. I have been working there for 3 years. I have been waiting for some time to proceed with my hair transplant and gladly the gap in the schedule appeared last week. The procedure was performed in 2 days (23 and 24 May 2023) for a total of 3460 grafts. Both doctors from HDC Hair Clinic, Dr Maras and Dr Christina, worked on my case.

I have been listening to our patients’ experiences and now I have my experience, so that I can be in the shoes of the patient.

This also gives me the opportunity to document my case in detail for you to follow.

I started my surgery with enthusiasm due to the trust that I have for the clinic and my colleagues. The first part of the surgery is local anesthesia and was done with minimal pain and much less than I expected. Punching, extraction and placing run smoothly and the first day finished with 1771 grafts placed to the front.

I had minimum to no pain in the evening and I took paracetamol pills precautionary as recommended. I followed all the post operation instructions, like placing ice packs and massage to the forehead and spraying with saline the transplanted area, not the donor area. Please do not spray then donor as the salt in saline causes Burning and itching.

The Second day went smoothly again with 1689 grafts, totaling for both days 3460 grafts exactly.

I had minimal to negligible swelling probably because I correctly followed the post operation instructions.

My colleagues have taken many photos and videos before, during and after the surgery so I have a lot of material to present my hair transplant in detail. I hope that this will be one of the most well documented cases in this forum.

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Here you can see the area to be covered, before and after shaving the hair.
The final hairline design was executed by Dr Christina. I also included a Video of the design.

This is my 1st day of surgery where 1771 grafts were placed. I present 3 photos showing where these grafts were placed.

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I am posting below the post operation photos of the recipient area of the 2nd surgery day that were placed exactly 1689 grafts, making a total in the two days of 3400 Grafts.
You can notice the slightly uneven hairline with single hair grafts, the correct direction, angulation, and pattern of the placing of the grafts. Also, the high density that covered the area without leaving any gaps or corridors.

Now I am also putting the postoperative photos of the donor area. I want to emphasize that the punch of the 1st day which is on the back of the head has already started to heal compared to the 2nd day which is on the sides. We see that the punch has been distributed almost throughout the donor area and has been made at an equal distance from each other, leaving several grafts in between. The result of this is that when the hair grows, there are no gaps in the donor.

I continue the presentation with the postoperative period from 2-7 days.

You can see for yourself the rapid healing of the donor and recipient area.

2 days post op

5 days post op

7 days post op

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I took these photos 13 days after my hair transplant. I see that there is almost complete healing as you can see from the photos of the recipient and donor area. It’s good to mention that I feel really good post operational.

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There is no doubt about it it’s really cool to have such a nice hair transplant clinic around …

It’s already been 2 months since my hair transplant.
The difference from the 13 days after photos, is that as expected the transplanted hair has shed.
I’m now going through this stressful period where we all wait for our hair to start growing.
I put pictures of how I was after 27 days and after 53 days. The next time I will update my post will be when the hair starts to grow

27 Days after

53 Days after

Hello everyone,

I apologize for not providing updates sooner. It’s been a busy year, and I chose to wait until I had the final results before sharing, as sharing interim photos can sometimes lead to misunderstandings about the progress.

Now, one-year post-surgery, I’m thrilled to present six comparison photos that showcase my final results. The transformation has been remarkable, and I am immensely grateful to my manager, the medical team, and my colleagues for their role in restoring my hair.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. For those of you planning to visit our clinic for a hair transplant, I look forward to meeting you in person.

amazing result, if your balding today consider yourself lucky, 30 yrs ago the majority was getting butchered and then spending half a lifetime trying to look normal again

One of the things we say in HDC is the preservation of the donor. Well, we did a good job also in my case and I am sharing with you the donor photos.

For dense transplanted area we work with about 50 grafts per cmsq, and this is what we did in my case too.

Regarding the cost, what Doron has shared is €2.3/graft.

Sometime the clinic can help with small discounts.

I am a staff member, so my surgery was complimentary from the clinic. Staff Benefits!