My Hair Surgery at DHI Global London

that is very very ambitious trying to cover such a large area with 1000 grafts, it looks good so far and not bad for only 1 month, at least you are not left with scars or anything so that s good news for now.

Nice! I would really like to see your smp result. Keep us posted.

Hello guys…

Attached is the picture 2 months after the surgery.

SMP session on the scar is scheduled after 4 months as advised by DHI London Clinic.

Hi gents,
Attached is my latest image 5 months after the surgery.

Any feedback is welcome on my progress.

SMP session is scheduled for end of Nov.

Attached are the pictures taken after 6 months.
Also, my SMP session has not been done yet. Last minute cancellation by DHI London and still I have not been given a date.
Probably it may not happen as it was given to me free of charge at the time I booked my surgery at DHI. I’ll have to wait and see…

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Any feedback is welcome on my progress.

Progress ?

wow its growing…its better treatment

after 9 months

can we see photos of nine months please.

after 9 months…
All images have been removed for some reason… sorry guys!!

Hi Guys,
It has been over a year now since I had my surgery at DHI London. The story is that I had a mega session expecting around 3000 grafts but that number was not met because the extraction rate was under achieved as I understand. I think you all noticed that from my pictures and some of you rightly pointed that out too. Apparently this happens less than 10% but unfortunately I am falling into the ethnic category in which this is a high possibility. But the good news is that DHI offered me a 100% free session to rectify this and I am doing my second session in December. So, from my point of view it is very good of them to offer such a deal and just wanted to share that with you all since we discuss and want to know the pros and cons of clinics and suppliers etc. Will be posting my new photos in December for your kind comments again. Thank you all for your advice. You all helped me a lot as I was not very well informed last year when I wanted to do this surgery. So, the forum helped me a lot.

Photo attached.

Hello everyone,
I had the second surgery done at DHL London in December. See attached photos taken last week, i.e. 2 months after the surgery. Now I have done two surgeries and this time I had about 1500 grafts.
I must say that DHL London was very good to offer me this session at an extremely good value. I must mention that because you don’t get this sort of recognition or kindness from companies anymore.
anyway, see what you think… That is the more important.
just to clarify the reason why they gave me this almost free session is because in my first session we did back in 2013 they could not get the 1800 grafts as they expected and only managed 1200. That was also because of the nature of my hair follicles I was told.
I have mentioned in my early posts about this anyway but I like to hear opinion on this theory/reason I was given.

Thanks guys …

See attached latest images.


no pictures

where are the pics ?

Any updates? I am curious why you chose DHI over Dr. Reddy. Dr. Reddy is also in London and his work is a lot more impressive.

I noticed the long back hairs climbing up your neck from under your t-shirt. After a year or so, you should see Dr. Bisanga and use some of those body hairs…

Now that Greece is very likely going to default on their loans, I wonder if now is a good time to get a deep discount getting a session at DHI in Athens.