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My Hair Surgery at DHI Global London


Hello everyone,

I have been looking for a hair restoration company for my next surgery and decided to go ahead with DHI Global London Clinic.
I had a strip surgery done a long time ago ( 1997 I think) by Dr. May in London. I am looking for another session and I think this is my last donor area so I need to make sure I cover all my angles to ensure this will be a success. DHI also agreed to get rid of my scar I have from the old strip surgery using the SMP technique.

I have seen various type of comments/posts on DHI services on forums so want to know whether anyone who had any recent experience (good or bad) like to share that info with me.

Any help and comments are highly appreciated guys.

Thank you …


DHI recommends SMP or do they actually offer SMP? I also want to get my strip scar fixed. It is getting annoying having to keep reminding my barber not to cut the back too short.


Hello NeverAgain,

SMP is available in our clinics in London and Athens.

For more information please contact us, we would be happy to assist you.


One thing dhi has improved a lot is the yield, i don’t know what they do differently nowadays but i don’t remember their yield being nearly as good in the past. what they have shown lately is really exceptional, they must have done something differnt and i would like to know what it is.


Our success lies to final graft survival and growth rates which, in most of the cases, exceed 95% with our new techniques which adhere under strict quality protocols each time.


I have been told my surgeoon will be Dr Lefteris Papanikolaou.
I can’t find any reviews or comments on him anywhere.
Does anyone know anything about him please?


Hello everyone…
Finally …finally I made my mind up and underwent the HT surgery at DHI London clinic 2 days ago.
Everything went well in terms of the helpfulness of the staff and professional approach of the medical team etc. so now it is time to wait and see what my final result would be.

Don’t have all the photos yet but attached here is a picture taken after 24 hrs.

Guys, let me know from what you have seen and also through your experience how this job looks at this early stage. :slight_smile:

Appreciate your help!

In picture 2 is the scar left by a previous strip surgery going to be treated by SMP/micro pigmentation session at the same clinic in 2 weeks time.


great information very impressive


Hey thanks for posting this. I would love to see how well SMP works for your scar as I have similar scars across the back of my head. I hope we get to see some pictures before your hair grows long, otherwise it will be too difficult to evaluate how well it works.


How many grafts did you get? It looks like they spaced the grafts fairly wide apart trying to accomplish the “less is more” look.


Hi… Sorry for the delay in replying.
It was about 1000 grafts I received.
Attached is the photo taken few days ago - after 1 month.
What do you all think?
i think it is a neat job but appreciate your feedback using the experience you guys all have.


Attached is also a picture before the surgery.



that is very very ambitious trying to cover such a large area with 1000 grafts, it looks good so far and not bad for only 1 month, at least you are not left with scars or anything so that s good news for now.


Nice! I would really like to see your smp result. Keep us posted.


Hello guys…

Attached is the picture 2 months after the surgery.

SMP session on the scar is scheduled after 4 months as advised by DHI London Clinic.


Hi gents,
Attached is my latest image 5 months after the surgery.

Any feedback is welcome on my progress.

SMP session is scheduled for end of Nov.



Attached are the pictures taken after 6 months.
Also, my SMP session has not been done yet. Last minute cancellation by DHI London and still I have not been given a date.
Probably it may not happen as it was given to me free of charge at the time I booked my surgery at DHI. I’ll have to wait and see…


[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by pilus2013[/postedby]

Any feedback is welcome on my progress.

Progress ?