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My Hair Loss Journey! 😁


Where shall I begin… :hugs::slight_smile:

Constantly aware of my low self-esteem and hiding away under hats I thought enough is enough.

I saw people with dodgy looking hair replacement therapies and thought this can’t be the way, then I discovered HIS HAIR CLINIC and I was totally blown away. My life has changed since I walked through the doors and was met with a very good guy who totally put me at ease. Three sessions later I am a new person. My hats are in the bin and I forever show my new hairline off. :sunglasses:

Thank you so much His Birmingham if only I discovered you earlier!!! :sunglasses:


This is one of the better ones I have seen for sure, the color matches your real hair. Very often I see the ink being too light or not match the customer’s real hair.


How permanent is this? No touch-ups necessary?


This is not from a hair transplant surgery?


How did they do it?In my condition, right now with baldness all over my head, I would definitely like to see anyone that can help with regain my hair and yours look amazing.
What medication have you taken?
Is this permanent, Is it a natural way of growing hair or is it a transplant. Do share. Love to hear more.