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My Fue Hair Transplant Experience with Dr.Mehmet Demircioglu

I am writing this comprehensive review after 3 weeks my hair transplant operation. I arrived to Istanbul from Baltimore after 14 hours flight. Before flight medical consultant send me driver whatsapp number. When I arrive Istanbul airport, I called driver whatsapp number and I figured out also driver was waiting me in airport. Airport and hotel distance was nearly 30 minutes with drive. Hotel was really good, Elite World Istanbul Hotel, 5-Star and real luxury class hotel . Hotel is placed in Taksim and Taksim is most touristic and historical area in Istanbul. Before my trip I read somethings about Taksim district. This night I walked around in Taksim and I impressed a lot. Before that I was thinking more different about Turkey and Turkish peoples.

Next day morning at 07:30 I was ready in hotel lobby for going to hospital. Unfortunately driver came little late from exact time (exact time was 07:30) , nearly 20 minutes driver came late. Driver was nice man, he apologized for late coming. Finally driver picked up me from the hotel and take directly to the hospital. It was about 25 minutes. We arrived to hospital nearly 8:30 am and I met with Dr Mehmet Demircioglu. Dr.Mehmet was really positive and smiling doctor. When I talk to him about my operation details I felt very comfortable with him. Before starting operation nurses took my blood for doing some blood tests (HepB,HepC,HIV). I said that to doctor I don’t have these viruses tests not necessary but Dr.Mehmet said it is standart for all hair transplant patients and they made blood tests. After that we talked about my operation type and details and I answered a lot of questions to Dr.Mehmet and he replied my all questions with big patience and confidence. Unfortunately in my life generally I am very curious and I ask so much questions for everything. Before my hair transplant trip I have searched very deeply (nearly six months) and I found Dr.Mehmet Demircioglu. But after talking him I understood again I found correct doctor. During in hair transplant clinics research process I heard and read somethings about Dr.Mehmet Demircioglu. I read many reviews and I figured out his main expertise are is Sapphire Fue Technique and Dr.Mehmet accepts only one patient in one day. These two important points were my key points. For confirmation before starting operation I asked these two important points to Dr.Mehmet and he confirmed. Truly in my operation day, only me was patient of Dr.Mehmet. He did not operate any other patients and he focused only my operation.

My hair transplant operation took 14 hours and really I tired during this long time. They extracted and implanted totally 6500 hair grafts from the back of my head(5500) and beard area(1000). It was huge operation. Dr Mehmet Demircioglu performed opening channels process (making incisions) directly himself by sapphire blade. This stage is most important stage of operation. Because of that directly Dr.Mehmet performed this stage.

After that Dr.Mehmet’s team extracted and implanted all grafts(Totally 6500 grafts). During all operation time Dr.Mehmet was in the operation room and he checked all details. Operation finished nearly 11 pm and Dr Mehmet Demircioglu was still in the operation room. He did not leave operation room until operation finish completely. Operation was really painless as Dr.Mehmet explained me before the operation. They use needle-less local anesthesia device (Dermojet) and it provide painless operation oppurtunity. This device gives local anesthesia liquid without needle with pressure to under head skin. After the operation we sitted in Dr.Mehmet’s office and he explained after operation medicines (Antibiotic, Painkiller …) usage and he warned me about some important points for after the operation time. After that driver dropped out me at the hotel 11:50 pm and I slept directly.

Next day I spent all day at the hotel for rest because Dr.Mehmet warned me about that. The last day (after the operation two day) morning I did checked out from hotel and I came to hospital with driver again. Dr Mehmet Demircioglu did my first wash and he checked my head. He explained that How should I continue washing process remaining days. After the hair transplant operation patients should make totally ten wash. Dr.Mehmet makes first wash and he shows you how you should do this. You should make remaining of 9 wash in your country. After the operation during first ten day once every day Dr.Mehmet wanted new head photos and he checked my head every day by whatsapp. After first ten day he wanted once every week photo.He followed my after operation process directly. (Not his medical consultans followed, directly Dr.Mehmet followed my process).

If I summarize everything I can say that Hotel, Transportation, Hospital, Operation Quality, High number of Graft in one session(6500 grafts) and of course interest and operation skills of Dr.Mehmet Demircioglu were perfect.

I paid 3000 euro for full package. I believe that it worth. I rated 10/10 they deserved this rate. I am recommending Dr.Mehmet Demircioglu - Diamond Hair Clinic to everyone. Thank you Dr Mehmet for everything.

I contacted asistant of Dr.Mehmet Demircioglu and I booked my operation for only six days later.I am very excited because of this. I was searching hair transplant in turkey, especially I was searching about sapphire fue technique hair transplant operation in Turkey and I read good comments about Dr.Mehmet Demircioglu and his operation skills. I booked my hair transplant operation today, on Dr.Mehmet Demircioglu clinic. ( Diamond Hair Clinic ) . Operation will be on 27 September, I hope it will be right decision for me because it will be my second hair transplant operation.My first operation was FUT in Seville and it was failure. Result is zero. In my first operation they implanted 2000 grafts with FUT technique but maybe 500 grafts grew after the operation. Maybe they were’nt honest about my operation’s graft number. But this time I hope it will be good because I read a lot of good things about sapphire fue technique and Dr.Mehmet Demircioglu leads in this technique in Turkey.I will share my experience after the operation.

Hello everyone, before as I wrote I had hair transplant operation with Dr.Mehmet Demircioglu on 27 September and nearly two weeks passed from my operation to until today. Before my hair transplant operation I was researching deeply and now I want to write somethings. After my operation I should write something about my operation so I can enlight hair transplant researchers.

Dr.Mehmet Demircioglu opened my micro-channels (this point so important ) himself by using Sapphire blade. In Turkey almost % 95 hair transplant clinics use nurses and technicians for this important part of operation . Before my operation while I was contacting Dr.Mehmet’s asistant they promised me that directly Dr.Mehmet will perform opening micro-channels process and really they kept their promise. Directly Dr.Mehmet did it this stage. Dr.Mehmet Demircioglu accepts only one patient a day. I was suspicious about this subject but I saw with my eyes that in my operation day only me was his patient. All his attention is focused only my operation. I could prefer more more cheap clinics but I did not do that. Some clinics offered me 1500 euro price for full package. But I could not have take risk about this operation. I gave little bit more much money but I took good service. Hotel, Transportation, Operation, Hospital, team and Dr.Mehmet Demircioğlu really was perfect. He gave me big confident during all operation time. I paid 2500 euro for full package.

I attached some of my photos.

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