My experience with Vera Clinic, Istanbul

At the end of September 2023 I’ve been to Vera Clinic in Istanbul and i can just say I had a really good experience overall with the Vera Clinic and I wanna share my experience here.

First i had online consultation which went very smootly and i booked my operation for 3500 EURO, which included the operation, the hotel cost, all haircare products, the shuttle service and 2 OxyCure therapy sessions. The flight was paid separately but was perfectly connected with the shuttle service.

The trip to Istanbul took me 4 days.

Day 1: arrival in Istanbul and just checking in to the hotel. The hotel was wonderfully selected!

Day 2: in the morning a shuttle picked me up to the clinic. There I had a consultation with the doctor. We decided which treatment would be the best for me. 1 hour Later we started with the operation. The operation lasted about 5 hours. In this time I got implemented 3500 grafts.
After this a shuttle brought me back to the hotel and it picked me back up in the evening for my first OxyCure therapy.

Day 3: a shuttle picked me up to the clinic. There I had my first washing. They explained me how to do the washing by myself. Everything was explained thoroughly and understandable. After that i had my second OxyCure therapy.

Day 4: after breakfast a shuttle brought me to the airport and I travelled back.

I was very delighted about the professionalism in the Vera Clinic. Everything was planned really well and all members of the staff were brilliant. I always felt like someone was there for me, if i needed help so i could relax quite well.

Now after 5 months I can say that my hair is growing back beautifully and looks very natural. So I can just recommend the VeraClinic to everyone who wants a good, professional and comforting hair transplant surgery.