Let me start off by saying, I am a former patient of the clinic. I had my first procedure done by Dr. Armani himself, 5 years ago in 2006. It was a large one, (2,500 grafts). You can see pictures of those results on my blog ( ). I am so pleased with the results It really has changed my life, or I should say, brought it back.

Anyway, I am considering a minor procedure in the coming months, and with how fantastic my hair turned out the first time, of course I turned to the Armani clinic, because I was comfortable with my past experience with them. A lot has changed in 5 years, my strip procedure was one of the last of its kind done by the Armani group. The clinic only performs FUE procedures now. And I have to say, thank God. Dealing with how painful that type of surgery is, was the only down side that I can honestly remember from the first time I did it. By a mile…

Now, to be clear, although I am confident that the outcome will be the same or better, there will be a couple of things that will be different this time around. So consequently I was still apprehensive about having #2 done. Obviously, I’m having FUE done so I am looking forward to a much more comfortable recovery. But also I’ve elected to have Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi, the main surgeon of the Beverley Hills
clinic perform the procedure because Dr. Armani might not be available when I’m looking to have it done. Dr. Baubac has been personally trained by Dr. Armani for years now so I feel very confident in his skill set.

Now while this may be considered a small procedure, its still surgery, so naturally I wanted to meet the person doing it. I managed to wrap some vacation time around my consultation, so I actually had more then one reason to fly out there.

The consultation with Dr. Baubac went very well. We spent about a 30-40 minutes discussing

-what would be done
-how many grafts I’d need
-what my realistic expectations should be 
- examination of my donor area
-and he answered all of my questions

We also discussed what it would take to fill in the scar from the first procedure, which I wasn’t even sure was possible, before our conversation.

I have to say overall Dr. Baubac really put my mind at ease. I’m glad I was able to actually go to the clinic and get a feel for what I can expect before hand, instead of being shell shocked the day of. The consultation went great.

Although it is not urgent, with my level of hair loss, I really am looking forward to having my second procedure done already. Its too bad that with work, I have to wait…

Ill let you know how it finally turns out…

Below are up to date photos of my hairline from my first procedure with Alvi Armani over 5 years ago. Everything still looks great:


I’m glad to hear you enjoyed your trip out to L.A., and your consultation with Dr. Baubac.

Your Hairline from your procedure with Dr. Armani still looks amazing.