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My bad hairtransplant by dr.manjul agarwal---found some pics!


AS YOU ALL KNOW I HAD AN EXTREMELY POOR HAIR TRANSPLANT WITH DR.MANJUL AGARWAL,PITAMPURA,NEW DELHI…MORE ABOUT THAT IN THE LINK—http://www.hairsite.com/hair-loss/board_entry-id-64433-page-0-category-2-order-last_answer-descasc-DESC.html

Well i found some of the pics depicting the bad job…so here they are—

the pic above is post op from the procedure!!

this pic depicts the massive shock loss i got with a relatively small procedure of 500-600 grafts.

these show pitting and bumps i got from the procedure(they are not acne but pits and bumps due to bad placement)

growth at 5 months:( started feeling sad and cheated!!—the pic is blurry because it was the phone camera!!

final outcome,nothing even close to what she promised and showed pics of on her laptop before surgery…im guessing the pics she showed to sell her ht skills to me were either fake or photoshopped or may be just clever lighting!!

—even if my post can help a single person and save him from this unskilled doctor the purpose of my post will be served…