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My 300-350 grafts Fue with Dr Zontos in Europe (my 5th FUE)


My 300-350 grafts hairline transplant with Dr Zontos (being done on 27th April 2015)

This will be my 5th fue procedure to date (I am only 35) My last procedure was with Dr woods who really looked after me and did a good job.

I have been looking for Dr zontos for a long time now. He did my first procedure back in 2007 when he was working somewhere else. Although I would never recommend that particular company (butchers would be a more accurate name) Dr zontos himself was very good. As time has gone on and I have had to do more (with other doctors), I have looked back to this procedure and remembered it as the least invasive and least painful with a good natural result

I will admit I am VERY VERY nervous about this surgery since I cannot find much about Dr Zontos’ current work online anymore but my heart says he is a good man and I actually think that along with Dr Woods, he is probably the worlds best FUE surgeon. Both Dr Woods and Zontos also do the full surgery alone which is important to me

I’d say Dr woods has the most FUE experience and is able to extract the most grafts as he uses many other parts of the body when needed. Dr zontos in my opinion gives the most natural result. Basically they both have their own unique qualities and have both done good work on me

I will post as many pics here for people to look through and will give an honest opinion good or bad.

My goals for this surgery:

  • I want to improve the appearance of my hairline. Its needs to be softened and look more natural. I keep my hair long and shaggy looking but when the wind hits it i become very conscious and nervous.

Although I am at a good stage, every single mirror or car reflection I will be making sure my hair / man fringe has fallen the correct way so as to not expose my hairline. I’m thankful I can at least get it looking good with some effort, but without exaggeration I have not been on holiday for 8 years now as I avoid the outdoors like the plague. I even dream of things like dancing, riding a bike, playing football or all the things I havnt done since my twenties. Each time people have thought im on holiday, I have actually been having a procedure. I will not walk outside with friends and only socialise at night if I have to just because when my hair blows and flys about the place, you can see a really thin patchy hair line. So the darker it is outside, the less chance of that hidden secret being revealed to someone. I have almost convinced myself that im happier with a computer and internet connection rather than being out anywhere!!

  • My biggest problem is I can in no way leave the house in the mornings without a shower and blow dry and have lived like this for a total of 8 years. The thought of spending a night with a woman or any where else but home has become quite daunting. The restrictive lifestyle has really taken its toll so I have decided to do something about it now.

I’m not really looking for my hairline to be lowered but when the doc refines it a bit im guessing it will very very slightly be lowered. What im looking for is a improvement so that it just looks a bit more normal in windy situations or in general when I’m outdoors. I want to be able to enjoy the great outdoors without paranoia. After so many years people around me have started questioning why my personality seems to change when I’m out compared to when I’m at home. I have been told i have a Split personality and only i know why that is even though it doesnt make sense to others

I once used to dance professionally and earned a fortune out of it. It’s been 8 years and I have not performed because of my hair complex. Built up from when it’s out of place or not looking right. I’m hoping to get out this rut and I hope the below video explains what I am looking to improve.

  • and one more annoying thing that Id love to live without Is the fear or conscious effort to stop myself from running my hands through my hair. It’s such a natural reflex to anyone with hair whether annoyed about something or even an itch that you need to scratch. But the minute I move my hair the patchiness underneath is exposed so I work hard to make sure I don’t run my hands through. Not sure if anyone else can relate to this but just imagine trying to stop yourself from stretching the next time you feel like it. That frustration you feel is what I feel here.

  • the Most important thing is that it looks natural even if we dont hit every patchy area. I am very concerned that a stronger/ thicker hairline will now make what is behind the hairline stand out. So I’m hoping my doctor is skilled enough and will take this into consideration and place grafts accordingly.

Anyway I hope this thread helps someone. If you want to see my journey to date in detail then it can be found on this forum under the username ‘newstart’. I have many photos on there from the past and you can see how much my last procedure of 750 grafts with Dr Woods improved my hair overall.

Thanks for reading and feel free to ask me anything if you have any questions