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MuscleBoy Day 13 Post Op Update (FUE scar healing well)


Hey guys, this is my day 13 post op update . Things seem to be going well at this point. The scabs are lifting, though they’re not completely gone yet. In the area that had more work done, it’s kind of hard to see the new grafts because they’re probably of stubble length and they still have some dry blood or scabbing around them. I’ve been sleeping upright for 13 days now, and plan to continue to do that until day 28 (4 weeks post op). The FUE “scar” has healed incredibly well and fast, and my strip scar from my first surgery is beginning to get covered by surrounding hairs. It’s too early to assess if there has been any shock loss in the recipient area, but the donor area looks fine at this point. Here are a couple of pictures I took today:

Day 13 post op pictures