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Minoxidil causes facial aging


So minoxidil does cause pre-mature facial aging.
So minoxidil at least gives you pre-mature facial aging.
I wonder why this is not mentioned anywhere as one of minoxidil side effects?
Should it not be a claim against Merck?


Merck is not the manufacturer of Rogaine. Merck manufactures Propecia, not Rogaine.


But the study doesnt involve experimenting on a human model. So its hard to say.


“This investigation has studied the effect of minoxidil on the contraction of hydrated collagen lattices by human dermal fibroblasts
It was done on human tissue.


It’s hard for me to parse the implications of the part of the study that is quoted above, but it doesn’t seem to obviously say minox causes facial aging. It talks about the inhibition of contractions of hydrated collagen lattices from actually mixing minox with collagen etc. And, at a certain dose, there was no “significant effect on lattice contraction.” So, I’m not even sure what this means. It doesn’t say anything about topical application. Or what dose that people use per minox instructions has an effect. It doesn’t say topical application on one part of the body affects the derma in another part of the body.

So, maybe somebody with a better science education can help here.


I personally know 2 guys who’ve been on minoxidil for many years. They look as young as babies. So its hard to say if this study has merit on a large scale.