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Milk and hairloss


hey i havnt been on in a while but i have some questions for u guys. i read that milk although good has its harmfull effects(hormones,pesticides, and anyting the cow may eat.) and the process of which they convert the milk is quite gross as well by the way. so i recently conducted an experiment of going on a dairy free diet for the purpose of health. its been about 5 days and i already feel the difference in my body(more energy,no more headaches, no bloatedness, and just a feeling of calmness in my body.) butttt!!! another thing i noticed was that about 2 or 3 days into this diet my scalp begain to feel more active almost as if blood was rusing back to it. you know how when u sit in a wrong position and u move and your leg all of a sudden begins to fill with blood again? thats exactly how. and another this is that before my hair use to fall out with little yellowish tips. and now its been just falling out with no tips just the black hair. i feel like i am really on to something… other things that are happening are that my achne seems to be subsiding. i feel so different like my body just feels young again. so my question is coudl it have been the milk cuasing hairloss? its only been 5 so we cant tell but i feel this working very very extremely quick. i will keep you guys posted. feel free to write your thoughts. i may have been lactose intolerant.


If you were losing in a norwood-style pattern then it was MPB. Other ways of killing hair growth don’t produce those kinds of signature patterns.

Milk/lactose affects different people different ways. Some people really benefit from cutting it out but others don’t feel a lick of improvement. And all stages in between.

I will say this - there are a lot of rumblings about a link between diary foods and increased acne. And increased acne probably means increased (but not single-handedly caused) MPB.