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Miliacin increases cell metabolism, stimulates cell proliferation and tissue reg


“Milasan™ provides essential nutrients for healthy hair growth. The unique Millet seed oil extract contains valuable linoleic acid, the triterpenoid miliacin as well as other phytosterols and squalene to help sustain healthy hair growth and strength. Zinc is essential for healthy hair structure and growth. Biotin helps build proteins including Keratin, an important structural element of hair. Vitamin B6 is needed by the body for protein utilization. Pantothenic Acid is particularly important for faster-growing cells, including those in hair roots, and a prerequisite for healthy hair growth for both men and women.*”


“Miliacin increases cell metabolism,
stimulates cell proliferation and tissue
regeneration. Clinical studies have proven it
supports hair growth, has anabolic activity
and supports the formation of lustrous and
healthy hair. Miliacin activates skin repair
mechanisms and has anti-inflammatory properties.
It is wound healing and has positive
effects in the case of skin ulcers and purulent
skin conditions.”


This is about another product(in Germany…I think) but it contains the miliacin: http://cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=17676827

Xenobiotics in vitro : The influence of L-cystine, pantothenat, and miliacin on metabolic and proliferative capacity of keratinocytes

To investigate the effect of cell growth-stimulating agents on human epidermal keratinocytes, we exposed monolayers of normal human keratinocytes derived from foreskin to different concentrations of the amino acid L-cystine, the member of the vitamin B family D-pantothenat, the phytosterol miliacin, and a combination thereof in keratinocyte growth medium. As a test system for the metabolic capacity, we used the activity of mitochondrial deyhdrogenases as measured by XTT, and for the cell proliferation, we determined the BrdU-uptake. The additives, active ingredients of the hair growth drug PRIORIN®, were added in the presence of fully supplemented keratinocyte growth medium or a deficient medium without L-cystine, L-methionine, L-histidin, D-pantothenat, epidermal growth factor, and bovine pituary gland extract. Deficient medium itself reduced the metabolic capacity of keratinocytes to 35% compared with keratinocytes in fully supplemented growth medium, In deficient medium cell, proliferation was not measurable. Increasing doses of L-cystine restored the reduced metabolic capacity from 46% (0.009 mg/L) to 54% (0.09 mg/L) and 92% (0.45 mg/L) in deficient medium. Addition of D-pantothenat (0.43 mg/L) enhanced the metabolic capacity to 150% only in fully supplemented growth medium, compared with untreated controls with growth medium. Miliacin (6 mglmL) increased not only the metabolic capacity (162%) but also stimulated cell proliferation (215%) as measured by BrdU-uptake in growth medium. The combination of all three additives increased the metabolic capacity (245%) synergistically in growth medium. We were able to show effects of D-panthenol, L-lysine, and miliacin on proliferation and metabolic capacity of keratinocyte monocell culture, which was further increased by combination of the three substances. These basic results suggest a beneficial effect on keratinocyte growth and stimulation by products combining these substances (e.g., Priorin®). Furthermore, this work emphasizes the suitability of keratinocyte monolayers for pharmacological testings.