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Micronedling for hair stimulation

Author – Dr Rachita Dhurat, rachitadhurat@yahoo.co.in

Department of Dermatology, L.T.M.Medical College & General Hospital, Sion, Mumbai-400 022, Maharashtra, India

Abstract :
Dermal papilla is the site of expression of various hair growth related genes and a major target for androgen mediated events. Various research have demonstrated the underlying importance of Wnt proteins and wound growth factors in stimulating dermal papilla associated stem cells. Microneedling works by stimulation of stem cells and inducing activation of growth factors.
Materials and Method:
Hundred clinically diagnosed cases of androgenetic alopecia grade III/IV were recruited into 2 groups. One group was offered weekly microneedling treatment with twice daily 5% minoxidil lotion (microneedling group); other group was given only 5 % minoxidil lotion. After baseline global photographs, the scalp were shaved off to ensure equal length of hair shaft in all. Hair count was done in 1 cm2 targeted fixed area (marked with tattoo) at baseline and at end of therapy (week 12). The 3 primary efficacy parameters assessed were: change from baseline hair count at 12 weeks, patient assessment of hair growth at 12 weeks, and investigator assessment of hair growth at 12 weeks.
A blinded investigators evaluated global photographic response. The response was assessed by 7- point scale.

  1. Hair counts
    The mean change in hair count at week 12 was significantly greater for the Microneedling group compared to the Minoxidil group [ 91.4 versus 22.2 respectively].
    2.Investigator evaluation
    Forty patients in Microneedling group had +2 to +3 response on 7-point visual analogue scale, while none showed the same response in the Minoxidil group.
  2. Patient evaluation
    In the Microneedling group, 41[82%] patients reported more than 50% improvement versus only 2 [4.5%] patients in the Minoxidil group.
    Unsatisfied patients to conventional therapy for androgenetic alopecia got good response with microneedling treatment.
    This study showed that dermaroller along with minoxidil treated group was statistically superior to minoxidil treated group in promoting hair growth in men with AGA for all 3 primary efficacy measures of hair growth.
    Microneedling is a safe and a promising tool in hair stimulation and also is useful to treat hair loss refractory to minoxidil therapy .

Are you the same Rachita Dhurat who is the author of the study?

micro-needling = derma-rolling?

I think so. The photos posted in this study are impressive to say the least. Just search for the study title.

microneedling in a technique which is being performed by a dermaroller instrument

The author, Dr Rachita Dhurat is located in Mumbai, India. www.rachitaskincentre.com

Do you represent the author?

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