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Maybe they need figure out how to convert humans to mice

[Maybe they need figure out how to convert humans to mice

It would probably be easier.

Alternative media has broken the news of a massive scandal and cover up.

The biggest chemical companies in the world are lacing about 900 common items with carcinogenic , neurotoxic poisions, causing all kinds of diseases and even dropped fertility rates.
I was shocked when furniture, cleaners, foods, childrens toys, etc etc are on the list.

No doubt, all these poisons were tested on MICE.

Mainstream media tow the corporate line and this will all be swept away

Cancer rates are now 1 in 2…and all sorts of weird diseases are escalating

God Bless and protect Julian Assange …and Chelsea Manning, who infront of the Grand jury said she would rather starve to death Iin jail than testify against Julian.

If Julian is convicted, they have indeed converted humanity to MICE

Dr Ray Woods

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The corporate scandal you speak of is just business as usual. Safety is a distant second when shareholder profits are the primary concern.

Assange and Manning are heroes!