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Matthew McConaughey Hair Transplant - The Truth


For years you have read the rumors and even heard Matthew McConaughey himself talk about what he’s done to fight his hair loss problem. Unfortunately none of it is true.

I’ve been seeing an increase in the number of emails I get from people asking who did Matthew McConaughey’s hair transplant and after I saw that someone tried to take advantage of this question by posting an unconfirmed rumor, I decided to take matters into my own hands and clear up the issue once and for all.


Interesting! What’s that on your wrist, a Submariner?


Hmm, sorry I don’t buy it, I still think he had hair transplants done, it couldn’t be one of those lace front hairpieces like you suggested.


I agree with Wes. I completely agree that he had hair transplants as well. I had a close friend of mine who was duped by the whole Regenix “treatment”. That’s the company McConaughey endorses. My friend said it was the biggest waste of money.

About my hair loss journey:



Hi Wes,

Why do you think it couldn’t be a lace front, or some other artificial temporary solution?