Maintaining benefits from Dutasterid

Hi guys,

i just signed up to this board and was thrilled to see so many people sharing their experiences…

i just started Dutasterid about 2 weeks ago and so far I have not felt and significant side effects, apart from a decreased libdo perhaps… but even that i dont know if i’m just imagining that because of having read it so often and i’m just waiting for it? It’s definitely not extremely striking…

I started taking 1 0.5 dose of dut every day for 2 weeks and now i’ve switched to 0.5mg every other day. I am hoping that by the time I have used up my 100 tables (aprox. 200 days on dut), I will see some benefits and can switch back to finesterid to maintain the gain on dutasterid, since i am a bit worried about the real long time term side effects.

Has anyone here had any experiences in maintaining gains from dutasterid?

would be greatful to hear from you guys.