M3Nate (2407 scalp FUSE grafts) - 1 year update

M3Nate’s HT and previous updates are available at



He is happy with his results and shared 1 year pictures.

All 1 year update pictures taken by M3Nate.

Following picture shows M3Nate’s pre HT status

This is M3Nate’s preferred hairstyle picture. It was taken 1 year after HT

After 1 year pictures

Before pictures for comparison

too bad most of the pics are blurry, the first pic almost looked like an Armani hairline.

Yeah sorry about the blurry pictures. Dr. A suggested that I use a macro to take them. I’ll try again and repost.

Thanks for the Armani comment. :slight_smile: Lets me know Dr. A did a great job!