Luther - 4000 FUHT (4.5 month update)

Dear forum readers,
Luther is a NW 6 patient who opted to go for frontal framing in his 1st stage HT using 4000 FUHT grafts. He is happy with the progress at 4.5 months and plans to go for more transplants to cover the crown vertex areas in future.

Pictures taken 4.5 months after transplant. We expect 30 to 40% hair growth at this stage. The next 6-8 months will see further increase in density. However, the framing effect is visible even at this early stage and the patient is happy to see its benefits.

Picture of graft placement taken immediately after transplant

Dr. A

at 4.5 months he is having 30-40% growth!!!This is totaly wrong,i think he is having over 90% growth, don’t try to make a fool out of us.

I think it would be helpfull for patients if the post mention which doctor performed the procedure incase if the clinic is having more than one doctor.

so that it will be easier to evaluate .

Pretty nice resullt, especially as this is the first stage, yields a big aesthetic improvement.