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Live patient viewing by Dr. Bhatti in 2013 ISHRS meeting in San Francisco


This patient was presented by Dr. Bhatti at the Annual ISHRS Meeting at San Francisco at the Live Patient Viewing Session. Only 11 other cases were brought for peer review at the Meeting.

This patient is 32 years old Caucasian from UK with Type 4 male type baldness. He underwent a 3110 grafts FUE procedure at Dr. Bhatti’s Darling Buds Clinic in Chandigarh, India in May 2012.

FUE system used: Harris Safe Scribe with 8mm blunt punch.
Graft count:
Singles: 632
Doubles: 1298
Triples: 1180

Before and after pictures attached.


Wow, not bad for the temple closure.


rebuilt the entire hairline from scratch with only 3100 grafts? what kind of density per sq cm would u say he has?


Hi Hair101,

You are correct. There was no hairline and midscalp hair before the procedure.

The density was 55 grafts per sq cm.

Thank you,
Darling Buds