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Lego Hair Transplant?


They are the colorful toys that could make you cry every time you accidentally step on them. The unforgettable circular indentations that are printed on your skin from sleeping on them. The fantasy world that you could create with simple, colorful, stackable plastic. From people to landscapes to giant works of art, they are Legos!

Did you love the lego movie? Did you know the voice of Lucy aka Wyldstyle was played by the talents of Elizabeth Banks (above image). But, today’s news is not about the famous female of the movie, its about Will.i.am.

This is because Legos have gone even more mainstream into fashion, as seen here with artist Will.i.am, who has decided to start a new trend in wearing them as hair. However, this may not be an ideal solution for those that are experiencing hair loss or have no hair, since it is quite heavy and loud (color-wise and weight-wise) to wear around. A more feasible option that you could consider is to get a real hair transplant!

A hair transplant, specifically the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Transplant, is minimally invasive, has short down time, and does not use scalpels! It may not be as fun, but it is a permanent change that could make a life difference. Maybe it’s that confidence boost that you need to find that special someone in your life, have kids and then let your kids play with legos.


What on earth are you babbling about?