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Leave in Conditioner Good After Keto Shampoo


Sometimes when using a ketoconazole shampoo there are drying effects that can leave hair almost unmanageable. There is a way to change this. First, if the ketoconazole shampoo is making your hair too dry start using it less than your usually regimen, meaning if you shampoo everyday, now shampoo every other day.

If you do not want to lessen the amount of times you shampoo, try a leave in conditioner that is sulfate free. This will bring back moisture to your hair that was lost from the keto.


I found that if I only use my ketoconazole shampoo a few times a week, it seem to help a lot with the dryness. Although I think it works better the more you use it.

I also tried using a conditioner that is sulfate free: Say Yes to Carrots. It’s not very expensive & you can get it pretty much everywhere.