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Laser Growth Helmets

Anyone here use a laser growth helmet, such as irestore or Capillus, to help treat crown hair loss? I’ve had thinning in that area only for a few years, which should make restoration possible since hair loss hasn’t been for an extended period of time.

I’m curious if they help with areas beyond the crown too, as well as how long the helmets typically last. Thanks.

PS: Sorry I posted this topic in medications, but there didn’t seem to be an appropriate section for this topic.

I’ve tried numerous laser helmets, combs, etc. None work. Worse. All have caused my hair to become dry, thin, and shed like crazy. Also, if you color your hair, the laser devices will strip it right out. Laser devices were real popular 10-15 years ago. Now, for some reason, they’re trying to make a come back. Don’t waste your money.