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KS - 3225 FUSE + beard grafts ( repair HT results) Dr. A\'s Clinic

Patient nicknamed KS underwent 3225+ FUHT+Beard (2650 FUHT grafts + 575 Beard) repair procedure one year back at Dr. A’s clinic. This was to correct a poor quality hair transplant he had got at some other clinic in London. He is happy with the progress thus far and wants to go for further hair transplant.

Before pictures

Beard donor area (intra operative picture)

Strip donor area (Before picture)

Graft placement picture

After pictures

Beard donor area (After picture)

Strip donor area (After picture)

Video of the result is available at http://vimeo.com/24209649

These are the usual clear and honest pics from your clinic. Thank you.

Very sad, bullet holes all over his head.

at the ratio of 1:5 (beard to head hair),beard hair seem to have blended in quite well!!