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Kronos - new product


You’ve heard of anti-aging products for your skin, well now get ready for anti-aging for your hair. A new California company, called Kronos has introduced a line of hair care products that were tested in a clinical study and had some pretty amazing results.

According to Kronos scientists, aging of the hair is not just related to your body’s age in years, but rather to the environmental stresses it’s subjected to. Just as sun and pollution are major factors in the premature aging of skin, sun and environmental stresses, and styling tools and chemicals all act to prematurely age our hair. The symptoms include dry, fragile, damaged hair, stripped of its color.

Typically, hair care treatments may have ingredients that are good for your hair, but what most people don’t realize is that these ingredients are largely ineffective. That’s because they can’t penetrate to where they are really needed, namely into the scalp, hair follicle and hair shaft itself. As a result they simply wash away when you shampoo.

Kronos has taken a scientific approach to solving this problem. They have developed something called t-sfere technology, which for the first time ever, allows combined active ingredients to be encapsulated into a microscopic sphere that is so small it can actually penetrate into the hair follicle and hair shaft.

Next they took an array of ingredients that have been shown to improve the volume, shine, hydration, strength and color retention of damaged hair and combined them into this new delivery technology.

In addition, the scientists at Kronos developed a way to release the active ingredients slowly and so the product works continuously and where it is needed most; inside the scalp, follicle and hair shaft. That means radically more powerful and effective ingredients.

It really is a breakthrough.

Because it was developed by scientists, they of course insisted on clinical studies to prove their creation’s effectiveness. Kronos underwent an extensive, independent 4-week clinical study and the results were significant. The product was shown to boost hair volume and density by an unprecedented 96%, increase hydration by 91%, improve luster and bounce by 96%, reduce damage by 92% and improve strength by 96%. It also provided 96% color retention.

Kronos is not currently available at retail, being exclusively offered through the company’s website.

They are, however, offering new customers an introductory free trial of their 4-piece starter kit. They’re able to do this because they’re so confident that people will love this product and turn into long term users.

The introductory kit contains Phyx Overnight Repair, which provides intensive renewal and repair for damaged hair while you sleep, Liquid Theory Detangler, which instantly conditions, detangles and smoothes hair for weightless body, bounce and shine and their Shampoo & Conditioner that revitalizes, strengthens and protects hair.

So, if you’re looking to turn back the clock on your hair, a Free Trial of the new Kronos products may be just for you.