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Knock-Out Dr. Umar Vs. Dr. Armani Team


Knock-out Dr. Umar Vs. Dr. Armani Team

I think both theses outfits give great results. Dr. Umar can take
toe hair and make it work. Dr. Armani team can give us Eddy Munster hair lines

Dr Umar has the best smile in the industry does that equate to best work? Armani team
Lost Sara Armani and Alvi/Antonio Armani… Where are they now?
Should their MIA have an effect on Armani Team Dr. H in LA? he’s pumping out
some nice work.

Lets get some imput here!!!


No comments on which doc you would prefer? comments can be good or bad.

lets go!


Wow over 200 views and no comment

  1. Maybe I didn’t specify… Who would you prefer Umar or Armani?
    Knock-out is just a challenge to see who wins Good or Bad comments opinions

  2. If no replies these Doctors need to take note that nobody has an opinion
    which isn’t good news


The reason nobody cares to reply is because you are comparing apples to oranges. Armani does not do body or beard hair whereas Umar is an excellent BHT doctor, you are basically asking let’s compare body hair transplant vs FUE and pick your favorite.


I believe they both do FUE transplant… and both are good

Yes, I do think Umar has more experience with BHT and I made a slight haha about that,
but I do not think they are apples and oranges

both do fue both are apples


If just based on FUE and nothing else, I will probably choose Armani because of the nicer hairlines.


[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by stitchmeup[/postedby]
If just based on FUE and nothing else, I will probably choose Armani because of the nicer hairlines.[/quote]

Take a look at this, the before pic is the typical Umar hairlines and the after pic is the typical Armani hairlines :slight_smile:



Umar likes to use nape hair for the hairline and I am never a big fan of that, it is a good idea theoretically but nape hair is just too weak to frame the face effectively.


Oh, the things I shouldn’t say or post!!!

The contents of my posts are my opinions and not medical advice
Please feel free to call or email me with any questions. Ask for Chuck


There’s so much talk about using nape hair or donor hair . . . why go back and forth between the thickest hair on your entire head and the thinnest? There are plenty of hairs on the scalp with a more moderate density between the two.

IMHO there is no excuse for using only totally-thick donor hairs on the hairline in 2014. Even if you are getting a FUT transplant from a FUT-specializing surgeon, the doc oughtta have enough FUE experience to take his time and do a couple hundred FUE grafts into softening up the hairline a bit.

Never mind the huge FUE-vs-strip pros-and-cons discussions, the hairline is a situation where one of the two methods is hands-down-no-downside better that the other.