Just want answers

Doctors have told me my hair will grow back after examining the scalp. I noticed there was shine in areas where the hair loss was noticable. My hair loss has been going on for a little over a year now, with very little signs of hair actually trying to come back. Ive used shampoos that were advertised to work on various hair loss causing conditions yet my hair continues to fall out.

I just wanna know if im going bald at the age of 27 or is it a phase.

If your hair has fallen out and not grown back, it’s probably due to genetic balding. You have provided very little information about your condition and no photos, but the 20’s is often an age where men start to lose their hair.

I can try to provide more info and photos.
My hair loss started as of January of 2018. At first it was a few strands here and there but now its a clump of hair everyday. I see little white seed looking objects on the end of some hairs, which im guessing is the follicles. When i run my fingers through my scalp i notice bumps as well as redness in the area of said bumps. My hair is wirey and hard with no bounce to it. I notice tiny hairs on the front of my hairline but i dont not know if they are hairs growing back or hairs that were always there.


In your first post you said there was shine where the hair loss was noticeable. You have posted a photo which shows a full head of hair, no hair loss.

The forum will only let me post one picture at a time. Also, id like to add that i used to have ZZ Top levels of hair

Here is more(hopefully):

This is some hair i got from my comb after 2 thorough go throughs.

Have you tried propecia? You might to give it a try to see if it stops or slows your hair loss.

If i cant get it otc i cant get it at all. No funds for doctors visit atm.

Wow that is quite a bit of hair loss in just 2 combs. The doctors who examined your scalp, did they put you on topical minoxidil?

What makes your doctor think that your hair will grow back?