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Just Back From Dr. Cole\'s Office

I literally just walked into my hotel room and turned on my computer…

I had to post about my day at Dr. Cole’s

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with my procedure. There was zero pain. I feel a little silly I waited this long to do something

The staff is awesome. You are never left alone. I must have been asked “Do you need anything” 50 times. They are very sincere and attentive.

Dr. Cole is a great guy. He took the time to talk with me to make sure I was happy with everything. Came back 3 times after I was done to check it.

This guy is a PRO.

Thanks to Dr. Cole and his staff.


Did he say anything about his new technique?

» Did he say anything about his new technique?

Dr Cole already posted below in another thread that the new tool(s) he has been working on have some issues and engineers are still refining them. The release of the new technique is postponed indefinitely until they are sure they can offer a godo solution.

Days 2 and 3 after my procedure were a piece of cake. Slept fine the night of the procedure. Woke up early, felt great.

MY flight was delayed coming back for 3 hrs

Zero pain, Zero discomfort. Healing is already starting. Donor area is practically healed.

Day two…it’s like nothing happened…just the scabs where the hairs were placed.

I would say to anyone thinking about having FUE procedure…JUST DO IT…Go to Dr. Cole

My only regret was not doing this 5 years ago.


How much hair loss do you have? You have pics?

What norwood level was your hair loss? How much will your transplant cost? Thanks in advance

Dude some pix would be helpful.

You have to love these guys. Telling everyone to run out and get one and meanwhile he’s not seen one centimeter of regrowth. But the staff was nice!

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