June 2019 article says Tsuji may bring hair loss treatment to market in 2020

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Update: English version of video —

For those of us who have been following hair loss cure research for the past half decade, the number one person of interest is Japan’s Dr. Takashi Tsuji. He has previously announced that he is going to release a cure for hair loss in 2020.

Dr. Tsuji’s work is occurring at RIKEN’s major research center in Kobe, Japan in partnership with Organ Technologies (Japan). In June 2019, the doctor gave some interesting quotes to the Financial Times about the future importance of Kobe when it comes to medical tourism. Also in June, Dr. Tsuji gave an important 4 page interview to Beyond Health.

Dr. Tsuji: Hair Loss Cure in 2020 or 2021

Recently, a Japanese hair enthusiast named “Youngjet” posted a video regarding his attendance of a recent lecture in Japan by Dr. Tsuji. Five people emailed me or commented on here about the below video!

After you translate the video, it seems like Dr. Tsuji will release his cure in 2020 and/or 2021. It will initially cost 20 million to 40 million Japanese Yen ($190,000 – $380,000 per today’s exchange rates). Prices will then slowly come down over the next decade.

Perhaps Dr. Tsuji gave us two numbers (20 million and 40 million) because some people will have one session and some will have two sessions?

Note that as of 2019, they are already testing this treatment in humans. Favorable Japanese regulations probably allow for this possibility, even though clinical trials are yet to be completed.

Make sure to see the results of my 2016 poll on how much you would pay for a hair loss cure. Only 12.5 percent of you voted for over $100,000!

— The guy (“Youngjet”) in the below video has the following Twitter account.

— Another Japanese person named “Tonegawa” has more information on these developments.

HLT has an active thread on this where many people are appropriately excited.

Perhaps the most important screenshot from the above video:

Hair Loss Cure in 2020 or 2021.

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And here’s the link to the article:

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I know I’m replying to myself in this post but I wanted to post some things that I extrapolate from this article about Tsuji. First of all, Tsuji’s treatment is already in human studies according to this article. Secondly, this probably means that Team-Tsuji solved the problems that they thought could delay the human studies. Thirdly, this could actually put the treatment into the marketplace in 2020.

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Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

How is this anything but terrible news? That price is insane, and being told we’ll have to wait 10 years for it to come down isn’t encouraging at all.

A cure may be coming soon.

The price is out of my reach but we have come a long way if someone has found a way to manufacture follicles and give a head of hair to a bald man.

This price is not so surprising. I think they are planning to charge that much and see what the demand is at the very high end. Then with revenues and margins from about the first 50-100 patients, they’ll have enough cash on hand to rapidly scale this for many more patients and get the price way down… I’m thinking to around 1/6, 1/7 or less of the high-end figure. And I think once they start to scale it with lots of doctors involved, the price will drop pretty rapidly, not over the course of 10 years, but more like 2 years.

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I agree with you.
For now the more important is that some one invent something that really work .

I agree with you. I can’t see them keeping this product that expensive for a decade. Things happen and prices change. For example, I think Tsuji has one eye on Stemson. Plus, we don’t know for sure how much business Tsuji will generate at his high prices, especially if Stemson is taking some of his business from him. And Stemson may also be a slightly better treatment and if that’s the case then Tsuji may have to lower his price. And there are other hair loss treatments in the pipeline that could force Tsuji to lower his price rapidly. For example, I don’t expect a lot from Samumed’s SM0445 or Follica’s Rain but if either of them produce a good amount of additional hair over Dutasteride + Rogaine then a lot of 1-percenters could buy that product rather than spending much more for Tsuji’s treatment.

I want Tsuji to receive rewards if he succeeds but I also want his treatment to be affordable. I don’t wish evil on him. I just want his treatment to be affordable enough that we can buy it.

I agree with you. First things first. And in this case the first thing is curing the darn thing and then see what happens concerning price while also paying attention to what other treatments are coming. If you can’t afford Tsuji then get a different treatment when it comes to market. Tsuji’s price will come down sooner or later.

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If this works and only if it works, they will figure out away to grow and implant robotically. The vast majority of men will not pay this price even if they can afford it. I wouldn’t! Now get the priced down around $20,000.00, I will think about it!

Having a really expensive procedure for people to beta test to fund scaling doesn’t ring true to me. Fishy.


It makes perfect sense to me that they might use it on rich people for a little while first so they can gouge them for a lot of money. Rich people have money so why not gouge them? Plus they can use that windfall to learn new stuff and pay the costs of scaling up. Why are you saying Roger’s wrong about that? It makes perfect sense to me.

I don’t mean these early paying patients would be “beta testing” anything. This would be the first round of patients after the procedure has already been fully tested… So the concept would already be fully proven and operational and these paying patients would be guaranteed of results.

I agree. And sure, they will always be learning and improving the treatment, but I don’t think these patients will be considered “guinea pigs” in any sense.

I don’t think they’ll be called guinea pigs by the FDA or the doctors but to some degree that is what they will be. The earliest patients on a new drug are almost always monitored by the company selling the drug and the FDA also keeps up on that information.

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Couldn’t afford it. But will be happy to know that it is being done. Would be happier if they showed photos of a NW7 growing a full head of hair.

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One thing here mark is that at least for the research teams that are making follicles it’s the same as a hair transplant except there’s an unlimited donor supply. So for the teams that are creating new follicles just imagine the best possible transplant result.

Now when it comes to the teams that are just injecting cells that’s a different story.

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