JOEY LAWRENCE and his hair?

ummm,anyone see Joey Lawrence this past month??? Im stumped as to whats going on with his hair… J

his hairline looks way too symmetrical.

transplant ?**http%3A//

His hair was so thin a couple months ago. I dont know if he had a transplant or not. IF SO,it was a mega,MEGA session. May be a hair piece. Check out his hair in the NEW Melissa and Joey promo commercials on tv, FULL head of regular hair. Something looks wierd bout it.

amazing how he went from having so much hair to so little

looks like a totally different person.

his transplant is way too symmetrical almost like he had it tatooed on with a ruler.

i’ll check out the commercial if i can find it.

Well,now he has so much hair again and it looks…suspicious. Wait till you see it. It was very…surprising lol. Best regards, Justin

he was slick bald before,

and now a recent pic of him from

» he was slick bald before,
» and now a recent pic of him from

looks good

where’d he go?

in the first picture you can see some type of hairline… you guys see that?

he must be spraying Toppick on his hair.

no other explaination for it.

» he must be spraying Toppick on his hair.
» no other explaination for it.

it has to be a transplant, you can never get hair like that with toppik. btw, the hairline is too straight, too obvious.

yeah it looks like hair transplant…

now where did all that hair come from?

Joey Lawrence to Take It Off for Chippendales in Las Vegas

Lawrence, in clothes. (Allen Berezovsky/WireImage)“Whoa!” is one way to put it. Former '90s heartthrob, “Blossom” star Joey Lawrence, will be taking it all off (except for a bow tie and shirt cuffs, of course) to join the Chippendales male exotic dance revue in Las Vegas next month. The 36-year-old — who lately has been starring with Melissa Joan Hart on ABC Family’s “Melissa & Joey,” as well as an Old Navy commercial with “Blossom” herself, Mayim Bialik — will begin his limited guest-hosting gig on June 7 and will continue until the 24th. In addition to eliciting screams from the female-heavy audience, the married father of two will also be singing and dancing.

Lawrence’s Chippendales performance will be nothing new for his fans. The hunky actor usually opts for super-tight shirts that show off his muscular arms … when he decides to wear a shirt at all. Last October, he “accidentally” was caught by paparazzi working out in a public park in only a pair of workout shorts. And in case no one noticed, Lawrence then tweeted the photo — which was a screengrab of his iPhone — out to his 66,000 followers. “Hope my sexy peeps r having a grt wknd,” he wrote. “Check it out the paparazzi snapped a pic of me in the park workin out.”

Plenty of famous hunks have taken if off for Chippendales in the past, including 98 Degrees singer Jeff Timmons, who’s currently performing throughout the summer, former “Bachelor” Jake Pavelka, and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro of “The Jersey Shore.”