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Joe "Jotronic" Tillman now independent


Hi everyone,

Over the past several months I’ve gotten many emails inquiring as to my whereabouts and what I’m up to. Some of you have noticed that I’ve not been posting in an official capacity for the Rahal clinic for some time now and this is because these duties were given over to another team member while I worked on a project behind the scenes.

Now, however, I am no longer associated with Dr. Rahal or the Rahal Hair Transplant clinic. I’ve got ideas and plans that require I be independent and my departure has nothing to do with the quality of the work of Dr. Rahal. What I learned during my short tenure has been very valuable indeed and I’m grateful for the opportunity that was given to me. I still think he’s a fantastic HT surgeon and I wish him and his team well.

My website remodel will be complete soon and, with luck, it will be unique and very useful for those looking for transparent and honest information.

Thank you,


Time for an update.

After a LOT of hard work I have finally completed HairTransplantMentor.Com

A few things that set my site apart are:

1.) Everything is free. I’m not charging anyone for the work I put into the site nor the options I’m offering.

2.) I have developed the very first hair transplant toolkit. This includes three modules.

A. The most comprehensive terms & definitions on the web, all hand written by me. I did not copy and paste my information.

B. The first ever hair transplant clinic interview form. This is the part that can be downloaded in PDF format, printed out, and taken into any clinic. If your doctor or consultant doesn’t want to answer these questions, you should walk out. Period. This will be updated as is necessary. It includes a sheet for taking notes during the consultation.

C. The first ever second opinion service or “SOS”. Once a patient has had a consultation with a clinic, either online or in person, I’ll give my opinion on the recommendation and help to decipher the information. Photos will have to be uploaded and the consultation form given to the patient will also have to be uploaded so I can review everything that was said. I will not be answering questions about someone’s case without this information. To do so would be a massive waste of time for both parties.

Modules B and C require membership to use but again, it is free.

I’m not going to operate a forum because quite frankly, I have no interest in doing so. There is one small forum on the site but it is for asking questions directly to me. I’ll leave the forums to the guys that are already running them. I know what is involved and for that they have my respect.

I will be offering exclusive videos as well that will help to explain the questions in the Hair Transplant Clinic Interview Form so that when the questions are asked the user will know what kinds of answers they should get and what it means when they DON’T get the answers they should get.

I have more things planned but I won’t discuss them yet. There will be more changes coming but for the most part, the site is done. I hope you like it but more importantly I hope you find it useful.


Best of luck Joe Tillman. Its true that you and my clinic have had war of words from time to time over difference of opinion.

But I tell my patients, if you want a second or a third opinion go to this shortlist (not in any order)
Hasson and Wong,
John Peter Cole,

to name a few. There are others who are equally good too. No disrespect from my side please.

But the trouble is there are too many(hundreds) bad ones about whom people/past patients like you should educate about.
It is a good initiative and I wish you all the best.

Dr. A


This is a sensible, reasonable and conciliatory post Dr Arvind - props to you for this.


Hi Dr. A,

I appreciate your post and your support. I have several things I’m going to be working on, the first of which was the Hair Transplant Patient Toolkit. It needs to be polished up a bit but the nuts and bolts are there for patients to use. It will be updated and modified as time goes by. I have additional plans for this segment of the website as well. I’m happy to say I’ve already had patients use my second opinion service (SOS) which was really cool for me to conduct.

Regarding your words, I fully agree about the influx of bad clinics. I remember our discussion in Milan about this very subject and I hope to shed some light on this subject. I’m exploring ways to get my message out to more popular media for this very subject.

What I’m hoping to achieve is to bridge what I see as a gap between patient and clinic and I’ll use my experience to translate for patients what clinics actually mean when they are discussing procedures and talking about treatments. I also hope to help elevate post-operative patient care because I too often hear of how patients get left behind once they’ve had surgery and almost never hear back from their clinic. This is a stark contrast to what patients experience before surgery. We all hear the great stories about how a consultant or a staff member of a clinic was always attentive and answering questions promptly but what we don’t hear about is how this attention diverts to the next incoming patient once the previous patient is done. I feel this is wrong and patients should have reassuring check ups on a regular basis for the first year post-surgery.

Thank you again for your post, Dr. A. and I look forward to our next discussion and hopefully our next meeting:) See you in Chicago?