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I've been coming here since 1998. It just occurred to me


I’ve been coming here since 1998. The thing that brought me here was news that a Dr Gho had figured out hair multiplication. It just occurred to me that it is now 20 YEARS LATER and he still hasn’t figured it out. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


He’s not alone, no one has got us closer to a solution. If you came back in another 20 years, we’ll still be going round in circles.


I think we’ll know something soon if Dr. Tsuji and RIKEN release good results and maybe their product in 2019-2020. If they fail, then it may be likely you’re right, and we will be waiting around another 20 years, because I think there’s not much else as promising out there as Tsuji and RIKEN. I don’t have much confidence in Replicel, and all of the pharmaceutical based discoveries that have potential are in either very early stages of development, or not in development at all. I don’t consider Histogen or Follica as promising at all.


I agree with most of your points here, roger. Except that we will soon find out if Tsuji is getting good results. That is just my opinion.
There is an issue with all of those topicals in the pipeline. Seems to me even researchers don’t know what exactly they are trying to achieve:

  1. are they testing compounds that eliminate causes of hair miniaturization, hence stopping hair loss? - no proof as yet scientists know the real prime cause of hair miniaturization let alone substances that target decease;

  2. are they trying to regrow “dead” HF from scratch? - no proof they can do this;

  3. or are they merely converting more hairs from catagen into anagen phase?

But even if it is the last case, it works well with brainless FDA. Minoxidil does not regrow HF, merely converts more from catagen to anagen until finally hair follicle dies and there is nothing to convert. But FDA branded minoxidil as hair regrowth medicine.