It\'s Saturday night and I\'m bald!

hahaha. Well men I am at week 17 of PDG2 blockers and having the same report, hair loss stopped, vellous regrowth. I did an experiment and shaved the edge of my temple so it went over some vellous and some normal dark hairs. The dark hairs grew back dark from the beginning, and the vellous grew back as vellous. The vellous grow out 1/4 to 1/2 inch and then stop and are thinner than normal. I can shave them off and they come right back quickly. So I conclude that I havent altered the signaling of the hair root enough to GROW A DARK HAIR !!! I have however signaled it into not losing hair, so happy for that. I added duteresteride a few weeks ao so hope that that jump starts regrowth. Hope everyone is doing well and gets past the first 4 weeks on the IronDragon formula of itchy, flaking scalp. Im going to continue my routine of IronDragon, minox, and dut as it has at least stopped my hair loss.