Some topics at the ISHRS meeting in Boston on the 20th of this month.

Hair will be the focus of the ISHRS’s 18th Annual Scientific Meeting when more than 500 physicians and surgical assistants from around the world dedicated to advancing the art and science of hair restoration are expected to attend this premier educational event.

This year’s scientific program, with the theme “Revolution & Evolution: Update on Research for Future Hair Loss Therapies,” will feature presentations by the world’s foremost hair restoration experts on the latest research and scientific advances in diagnosing and treating hair loss.

A sampling of the hot topics to be presented at the ISHRS Annual Meeting includes:

• Understanding the basic science of how hair grows, why it takes on its specific characteristics, and the genetics behind the graying process. Featured Speaker: Dr. Bruno Bernard, head of hair biology research group, L’Oréal Advanced Research.
• The latest research on growth factors as future resources for new hair growth.
• Combating hair loss in women and designing the perfect feminine hairline.
• New results of an FDA-approved agent for wound healing in hair restoration surgery.
• Cloning technique to duplicate hair follicles and subsequent hair regrowth at donor and recipient sites.
• The latest research in bioengineering quality hair by producing multiple hairs from stem cells for the balding patient. Featured Speaker: Dr. Kurt Stenn, chief scientific officer and vice president of research at Aderans Research Institute, Inc., a biotechnology company dedicated to the development of cell-based products for new hair follicle formation.
• Senescent alopecia. Featured Speaker: Dr. David Whiting, clinical professor of dermatology at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and medical director of The Hair and Skin Research and Treatment Center, Baylor University.