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Is this transplant a failure?


I had my first HT in 2003, the doctor was cautious and advised me to go for a small session since I was in my early twenties, I had my second about a month ago where I had 800 singles and 280 doubles and triples.

I would appreciate feedback on the distance between the transplanted hairs at the hairline, my analysis is that there is too much of a gap in between the hairs yielding very low density of 12-15 hairs per cm2, resulting in a failed hairline attempt.

If you can confirm the above, then what would you adivse to adjust, ready and willing to redo.


It is impossible to judge if a procedure is a success or failure after 1 month. Give it a full year to grow out minimum.


Interesting, do you have pics of your hair before your very fisrt hair transplant?


who s the doctor? did u tell the doctor you want a thick hairline? in my opinion he is doing you a favor not giving you one of those thick hairlines.