Is there any news from replicel or Shiseido?

I don’t think replicel/shiseido will work because their tech does not include a way around the hair-inductivity problem. They’re tech is the same as Aderans and intercytex in that regard and both Aderans and Intercytex failed. Why Replicel and Shiseido are even moving forward with tech that does not include a solution to the hair-inductivity problem is beyond me but I still have to ask if there is any good news regarding their tech.

A big nothing for Replicel news. The latest they have is below which I think will take 10 yrs before something good comes out of it.

“has now signed and launched a new collaborative research project agreement with the University of British Columbia (“UBC”) that enables the second stage of its cell marker research. The project is being co-led by RepliCel’s Dr. Kevin McElwee and UBC’s Professor Youwen Zhou. The project commenced in 2017, is designed to deliver a gene and protein expression “map” of healthy hair follicle cells expected to be critically important to improving key components of the manufacturing, regulatory, and clinical profile of RepliCel’s cell therapy products.”