Is Dr. Gho\'s HSI really in all these cities?

The HSI website lists London, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Antwerp and Vienna.

My understanding was that he had moved from Maastricht to Amsterdam and started the Hair Science Institute (HSI) there, but is HSI really operating in all these cities now?

I think what happened to Gho’s research is that he touted that he was working with human stem cells BEFORE he received authorization from the Dutch government to do so (the Dutch government very strictly regulates work with human stem cells, it MUST be strictly overseen and reviewed, NO EXCEPTIONS, and I think Gho’s mistake was announcing worldwide to everyone that he was working with stem cells WITHOUT first asking for or receiving authorization from the government… then I believe when they found out about this, the Dutch government shut down his experiments.)

(How do I know this about the Dutch government regulators? I actually called them and had a long conversation with them. They wouldn’t confirm or deny any details about Gho, but a lady told me that they have VERY strict regulations about working with human stem cells, and that pre-authorization must be received, and it’s very difficult to get. She also referred me to a database that listed all such human experiments and Dr. Gho was not listed on there. This was about 5 years ago when I spoke with them – and during that time Dr. Gho was supposedly deep into his work with “stem cells”. I was told that if a researcher was using human stem cells, he/she would be listed in that database. But Gho was NOT listed, despite his very OPEN and specific claims to be working with human stem cells. This indicated to me that he had either not formally sought permission from the Dutch government and had been able to evade scrutiny due to an oversight, or that his HM operation had already been shut down.)

Does anyone know if Gho is still working on HM or any work in hair regeneration now?

I believe he was on the right track initially, but for many reasons, like not getting authorization from the Dutch government, and making overly optimistic claims too prematurely, things didn’t work out for him.