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Is Cortisone Beneficial?



I use for 5 years now a topical prescribed by doctor that consists in its 2/3 of minoxidil 5% and 1/3 of budesoderm, a topical that contains 0.025% of cortisone.

As I know, the prolonged use of cortisone causes serious side effects. I am thinking that maybe I should continue only with minoxidil. I would like to ask you:

  1. Cortisone is an anti inflammatory. Does it help and in an other way (hair growth per se?) I was thinking that maybe I could use instead of cortisone, an anti inflammatory shampoo.

  2. Is this 0.025 concentration (0.025 x 1/3 = 0.008 in my mixture) too much for this prolonged use?

Till now, I have quite good results with my treatment

thank you very much


Cortisone is added to the mix to help control itching and inflammation caused by the other ingredients. It does NOT promote hair growth in any way. There is really no upside to using it. Prolonged use can cause the skin to thin and it is unwise to use for extended periods of time.


Thanks for the reply!

Yesterday I was again at the dermatologist’s to have a new prescription.
This time was: 1. budesodine (0.025) - this is the corticosteroid I told you
2. minoxidil 5%
3. polysorb hair lotion (this is from the one time in the past
famous elsinki formula as I found in
the net)
4. saliqilique X 2 (this is an acid, isn’t it?)

Anyway, this mixture that I use with slight variations for 5 years has slowed down to an extent my hairloss (I am 27, it started at about 21, and hairloss is basically frontal).

I am thinking to cut down that corticosteroid, as you advised me, because 5 years are a lot even if the total percentage of budesonide in my mixture is about 0.008 (i guess there must be an cumulative effect after this prolonged time)

I would like to ask you if you have a suggestion for me, something to add in the mixture etc
and if you know and could explain to me the use of saliqilique.

Thank you very very much
and i wish the best results with your fue that you performed, as I saw in your signature.




I take it that you are not in the US. Yes, that is Salicylic Acid used to remove dead skin cells. You can find this in several over-the-counter shampoos including T-Sal (Neutrogena). I don’t know that the Polysorb has any value. To save yourself some money, have you thought about ordering the 5% minoxidil online? I am not sure how much you have to spend with all of the doctor’s visits and prescriptions. If your current regimen is working, maybe you should stick with it. To me, using cortecosteroids for prolonged periods of time is not a good idea.


No, someone is not in the US. I can even bet that he lives in a french speaking country.
Someone, it’s a bit strange. My two cents: Salicylic acid (=aspirin) also has anti inflammatory properties. So that could be enough. And the corticosteroid may be superfluous…


Cortisone itself can cause hair loss. It is useful only in patients in whom hair loss is due to autoimmune causes.