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Is chemical hair color causing your HAIRLOSS/HAIR THINNING?


Some of the most dangerous ingredients in chemical hair dyes are:-

PPD- Para-Phenylenediamine
Hydrogene Peroxide
DMDM Hydantoin
Lead Acetate
PPG- Polypropylene Glycols

It is possible to color your hair with toxin free, ALL NATURAL ingredients.


The before after pic is mine …Dr. A😀 … its not henna


haha, your hair is looking good Dr. Arvind !


@Dr_Arvind what are you using?


not henna? What is it? The color looks great, perfectly natural.


This would make perfect sense. It’s counter intuitive to think that chemical enhancements won’t have a detrimental effect on one’s hair.

About my hair loss journey:



your hair looks thick and healthy. what products did you use?