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Is Beard Transplant best option for me?


After hair transplant of the scalp now is the trend of growing beard. It’s in fashion to grow a beard. Actually, you can play with your looks if you have a good healthy beard, though maintaining and growing beard is a serious issue. With increasing health problem and hormonal imbalance, the beard quality tends to reduce, thus affecting the looks.

Where there is so much attention paid towards how one looks, then everything should be in certain poise. With the present lifestyles the men who are facing a hard time in having the fuller beard or who have the patchy and inconsistent beard all over face, they can opt for this wonderful treatment of beard transplant in Delhi to get that manly and robust look. A man is considered to be sexy if has nice hairstyle and a good beard though it may be trimmed.

For most men, hair is a sign of masculine, and losing hair for most men is equal to losing their masculinity. Nowadays the fashion of keeping the beard is fashion. But there are some people who do not have a beard or have a patchy beard. It can be due to hypogonadism in which there is less production of the testosterone. Testosterone plays a significant role in the masculinity of man and development during puberty.

Who can get Facial Hair Treatment?
• Anyone whose bearded part has been traced or burnt by any kind of incident or surgical procedure, or has been burnt.
• Other health problems such as cancer or infection have affected the face.
• Any kind of transplant surgery done earlier or someone suffering from a long-term problem like alopecia areata.

What is beard transplant?
Beard transplant in Delhi technique involves harvesting of the minute individual hair follicles from the back of the scalp where the hair is thickest and is transplanted on the face. There are various ways in which this treatment can be done. For better results, they are transplanted from scalp to face at once. This is the best way to restore the facial hair i.e. goatee, mustache and sideburns. There are few benefits of having the beard is it hide scars, acne, any kind of discoloration and pigmentation plus bonus is the manly look. Overall the face will have approx 3000 grafts transplanted averages are as follows: 350-500 grafts are required for the mustache, 600-900 grafts for a full goatee, 200-300 grafts for each sideburn, and 300 to 900 grafts for each cheek beard. Of course, the number of the grafts is calculated as per the requirements.
The procedure is same as the hair transplant for the scalp but few variations may take place according to the affected area. Mostly FUE technique is used. Matching is performed as well, in most of the cases hair from the back of the scalp is the closest match for the goatee/mustache and donor hairs from the sides are best matched with sideburns/lateral cheeks. Once the beard transplantation has taken place, your facial hair will grow naturally having same facial hair texture. Now you are free to treat them as your natural facial hair shave them, color them, style them.
Of course, you can expect the same side effects like swelling, infection, redness, bleeding if not properly treated after the treatment. Apart from these surgical reactions if you face any other side effect consult your surgeon immediately.

Cost of Beard Transplant
The total cost of the beard transplant in Delhi surgery is determined same as is calculated in hair transplant that is by the number of grafts required. In each case, the number of grafts is different depending on once choice.

Total cost of the beard transplant = Number of Grafts X Price per graft
Therefore if you want a permanent beard for that sexy and masculine line this is the best option.