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Introduction to Luxe Hair Clinic


Hello everyone, just stumbled upon this site and found the content to be really good.

I lost a majority of my hair by the time I reached 25 and although I seemed like a confident person, it really got me down at times. I hated the shine in photos and name ‘baldy’ (you get the picture)

As a young black man I usually kept my hair short (low fade) with a sharp hairline for that fresh look. When I saw the results of scalp micropigmentation online a few years ago I was mesmerised.

I already had an interest in non surgical treatments due to owning a private clinic and stumbled upon the procedure whilst looking for new innovative treatments for the clinic.

I decided to take the plunge and have the treatment (I was desperate). It changed my life and rolled back the years, along with restoring my confidence… I was totally hooked on SMP and immediately added the service to my clinic with a passion.

After successfully incorporating SMP into my private aesthetics clinic I decided to launch a new clinic in Nottingham at the start of 2017 which soley dealt with scalp micropigmentation treatments. I have a desire to help all those that suffer in silence, pretending that their OK with their hair loss.

To book a consultation at our clinic in Nottingham, please call our booking team on 0115 784 1731

Luxe Hair Clinic
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