Interview with Dr Christiano (October 2013)

I had not seen this particular interview from CBS News with Dr. Chrstiano, from October 2013. Here she says they expect to have something in clinical trials within 3-5 years… In October of this year, it will be 4 years. She also says it’s a difficult time for research funding.

Thanks for posting. It would be interesting to see what these researchers actually do in the lab from day to day. We had a patient at Dr. Cole’s who is involved in another type of medical research. He told me that there is a tremendous amount of money directed to those doing hair growth/restoration research. He said this effort does not major on finding a cure for hair loss. According to our patient, what is learned from studying hair growth, is valuable in helping to develop treatments for other diseases and disorders.

What Dr. Christiano is talking in that interview, Aderans and Intercytex talked 15 years ago.
I thought Dr. Christiano is involved with JAK inhibitors?

@Otter She is involved with JAK inhibitors and also growing proto-follicles for de novo hair regeneration.