Internret billin congress will block out sites that make hairloss drugs cheaper

Please tell Google, Twitter, and Facebook, and yahoo to impose all together a 1 day blackout of there sites and tell there search engine customers and viewers about HR 3261 The E Parasite Act and S.968 The Protect IP Act which is going to be voted on January 24, 2012.

Call Google: 1 650-253-0000 Fax: 1 650-253-0001

Call Yahoo: 866-562-7219 Call Facebook: 650-543-4800

Call Twitter: 415-222-9670

Please be nice, just tell them you want to leave a message and tell them that because of Congress wanting to pass and internet censorship bill referring to the Senate S.968 The Protect IP Act or PIPA and the Houses HR 3261 The E Parasite Act or SOPA can they please for one day BLACK OUT THERE SITES and tell there customers of viewers to call congress at 2022243121 and tell them NO to SOPA AND PIPA. If these sites black out for just one day THE MEDIA WILL FINALLY PAY ATTENTION and I know 100% that the Congresses phone will be ringing so much they probably won’t want to answer them because once people find out the craziness of this bill that would put you in jail for posting pictures on your Facebook Account of your Disney Vacation, believe me people will 100% say NO TO THIS BILL.

One more thing, I confess I am a Tea Party Member who is very disappointed in Wiscousin Congressman Paul Ryan’s support of the Houses SOPA bill. This bill SOPA will destroy many politcal blogs and forums and people will have a harder time getting out the truth.

Call Congressman Ryan:

(202) 225-3031 Or Fax: (202) 225-3393

If you are a Tea Party Member remind Mr. Ryan that as a Tea Party Member he made a promise with the Contract With America FOR A FREE AND OPEN INTERNET.

I as of now am not prepared to support Congressman Ryan’s opponent who I will not mention at this time.

However is Congressman Ryan continues to support SOPA as much as I respect Congressman Ryan I will support his Opponent who has said 100% he is against SOPA or HR 3261 The E Parasite Act. I don’t know how Congressman Ryan can support a bill that would shut down and perhaps put you in jail for wearing a Spongebob Squarepants shirt on your Facebook Account.

Make sure you call Congress at 2022243121 and tell the Senate and your Senators NO to S.968 The Protect IP Act or PIPA and tell the House or your Congressman NO to HR 3261 The E Parasite Act or SOPA.

Again THANKS and have a great 2012.