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Intercytex Results and ISHRS Presentation


Several questions, for anyone who knows… Why is ICX only texting their phase 2 on cohorts of 9 people? Originally, they said 20 per cohort, and this would seem to give a much stronger indication of results.

Second, If they are only doing cohorts of 9 or 10, why dont they use the first cohort in the second round as well? This would make 20 or so, but more importantly, show how a repeat procedure will work on these patients. I mean might as well kill 2 flys with one stone

Third, Does anyone know how many injections were actually given to this first cohort? I’ve heard 2 ways: 100 injections in a balding area, and i’ve also heard 100 injections in a balding area + 900 injections in a bald area. Does anyone know for sure?

Lastly, what will phase 3 entail? Will this be an overall attempt to cover a bald head with hair, no matter how many injections? It would be very nice to get an interview with someone in the TRC dept. over at intercytex.

Happy Sunday, hopefully we learn something new this week


how much foolishness.:no:


Ha ha. How about you enlighten me then?