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Intercytex: Promising Results


Hi Everybody

I was away for about half a year or so and forgot my PW so I registered new. I was Lempert back then - hm, doesn’t interesst anyone -ok then lets get to the point:

I haven’t been on this site because there wasn’t anything to discuss and I really hated all these speculations and thoughts that came out of some minds, without having a scientific background - just reflecting some people’s hopes and fears and so on…

But now there is something to discuss again! The first phase II results of intercytex’s TRC Tests - and I have to say that I^m quite happy with it because I didn’t think that ICX will present us the final solution in September 25, 2007! I was hoping that there IS some progress made from the Phase I trials because that showes that the technique been improved in this case over the last few month or how you see it: years.
If the achievements are going to be made in this speed, then we might see HM being released in the near future.

So guys be happy that there has been an achievement since Phase II! - to be honest: to all of the members here who were dissapointed with the results, did you really think today is the day when all your problems (with you hair) will be solved?